Fadenpause Do-It-Yourself

Why not just do it yourself? We turned our String-Art into a do-it-yourself project. A great project for any crafting enthusiast with stunning results.

Learn here everything you need to know to make a Fadenpause yourself.

A wooden board, a few nails and thread.

You don't need much more to create String-Art in its final form. With patience and calm, you create your own personal work of art from these simple ingredients.

A superlative craft project, consisting of up to 500 nails and 7 kilometers of thread.

With board, nail and template

As a first step, get a wooden board at your nearest hardware store and paint it white (or get a white-coated board).
Then print out our template, cut it out on the marked line and fix it on the plate. Then hammer in the nails at the marked points.

The thread-holder

To prevent the thread from getting twisted and tangled, you need a thread holder. You can easily build one yourself. A base plate, a short wooden rod and a hook are all you need and you can pull the thread off the thread reel in a relaxed manner.

Ruhe und Geduld

Now the real work begins. According to the "node list" that you receive from us, you put the thread around the nails and create your own work of art step by step.
This project is nothing for a single afternoon. To complete a Fadenpause you will need 30 - 40 hours of threading time.

Das Finishing

Once the threading fun is over, you can pull the template back down from the nails.
Now all you need is a fancy frame for the portrait and the masterpiece is ready!

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